In February 2016 we attended technical training with IrisID technical support team. We have been given detailed expert look-in for EAC Software and IrisAccelerator solution for large iris databases.

We are now qualified for implementation of different SW and HW solutions of which mostly iCAM 7 Series shall be implemented in three possible options:
Option1 – iris enrollment
Option2 – verification with iris code stored on Smart Card – no iris code is saved and processed on the server.
Option3 – stand-alone configuration or integration with 3rd party access control system (PACS)
iCAM TD100 camera can be used as mobile enrollment unit, integrated with other iCAM Series 7 cameras.

Subjects Covered

  • The basics of Iris Biometric Technology.
  • iCAM7 Series hardware details.
  • EAC system installation, configuration, and system integration.
  • EAC software operation.
  • Wiegand input and output.
  • Smart Card Integration.
  • System Troubleshooting.